Hong Kong Virtual Private Network at Your service!

Hong Kong Virtual Private Network at Your service!

It is unlikely that now you can find a more or less experienced Internet user who has not heard anything about VPN services. But just in case, VPN can be recalled that is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network (virtual private network). The virtual network creates a secure “tunnel” between the user’s device and the global network, in which data is encrypted. In this case, all connections do not go directly, but through the VPN server, thus hiding the user’s IP address.

Why is VPN usage becoming a trend?

Computers have long ceased to be just computers, and smartphones are simply communications. Now these devices store a huge amount of valuable personal information, including access to accounts on social networks, private correspondence in instant messengers, bank card information, etc. With the development of the Internet, unfortunately, opportunities for hackers to gain access to all this data are growing.

What gives the use of VPN, and what service guarantees security?

First of all, VPN differs from other methods of protection on the network in that the user’s personal traffic happens to becommunicated only in encrypted method. This defines that though someone signs your actions over the Internet, they will not be able to see what exactly you did. And replacing the IP address of your device with the address of the VPN server will also allow you to remain anonymous.

Attackers do not see who exactly sends the request, which and where. Thus, they are theoreticallyincapable to intercept traffic and more so make use of data for personal gain even.

Not every kind of VPNs offer the similar kind of degree of security. So, experts warn of the dangers of making use of free services.

The point is that preserving servers in working form requires substantial funds. And if the service doesn’t revenue money from the subscribers, it means it receives funds from third parties in exchange for the information about users that it collects. What kind of privacy it is about in this case?

The second reason why you should abandon free VPNs is the extremely low connection speed and sometimes server shutdown. This is easy to explain: the number of people who want to connect to a free VPN is so great that the server simply cannot withstand such a load and “falls”.

Therefore, it is suggested to make use of paid services that propose all the advantages of VPN at competitive rates. In this sense, the industry leader is Hong Kong VPN. For just $ 0.99 per month, you get:

  • Access to any content, even that which is blocked in your country.
  • Guaranteed anonymity, as Hong Kong VPNdoes not log.
  • The ability to connect to a server in another country, change the IP address and save on the purchase of tickets and hotel reservations. Booking services frequently offer diverse prices depending on the user’s location.
  • Protection in contradiction of hackers when making use of a public Wi-Fi network.
  • Lack of intrusive contextual advertising.
  • Separate applications for Android and iOS. Installing them is very simple, even a beginner can handle it – the site has detailed instructions.
  • Using one account on two devices at once.

Hong Kong VPNallows you to guarantee the security of personal data with a high level of encryption – the service uses a 2048-bit key. On the one hand, this is enough to protect the transmitted information. On the other hand, this level allows you to maintain high performance even on legacy devices.