NBA 2K21 – Dark Matter Coaches

NBA 2K21 – Dark Matter Coaches

In NBA 2K21, the inclusion of coach cards to implement stat boosts for your current MyTeam (MT) players cards was indeed a welcome surprise.

Now, in conjunction with the end of Season 5’s Age of Heroes campaign, two (2) Dark Matter (DM) Coach Cards – the first ever in MT – will finally be available for players to unlock, come 30th March 2021.

What are the legendary Dark Matter Coach Cards in question?

  • Phil Jackson
  • Gregg Popovich

The Phil Jackson DM card provides a huge +10 Triangle Offense increase for your present MT basketball squad, with Gregg Popovich’s DM card offering +10 Defence instead.

But how do you unlock these exclusive coach cards, not found anywhere else in the game?

For the Dark Matter Phil Jackson card, you will need to collect all fifteen (15)Golden Age player cards which consist of:

  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Shaquille O’Neal
  3. Dirk Nowitzki
  4. Scottie Pippen
  5. Magic Johnson
  6. Clyde Drexler
  7. Steve Nash
  8. Ray Allen
  9. Ben Wallace
  10. Shawn Kemp
  11. Gilbert Arenas
  12. Drazen Petrovic
  13. Manu Ginobili
  14. George Gervin
  15. Spudd Webb

On the other hand, the Dark Matter Greg Popovich card will require you to obtain all fifteen (15) Modern Age player cards instead:

  1. Zion Williamson
  2. Stephen Curry
  3. James Harden
  4. Nikola Jokic
  5. Luka Doncic
  6. Donovan Mitchell
  7. Karl-Anthony Towns
  8. D’Angelo Russell
  9. De’Aaron Fox
  10. Tyler Herro
  11. Patrick Beverley
  12. Collin Sexton
  13. Jarrett Allen
  14. Tacko Fall
  15. Mitchell Robinson

Getting all these MT player cards is no easy feat – you will need to spend plenty of MT coins in the process in order to obtain even one!

Still, for players who manage to unlock either one of these legendary DM Coach Cards will undoubtedly be able to improve their current MT squads further, besides holding boasting rights among friends and rivals too.

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