What is global CTB?

What is global CTB?

The global CTB is a brokerage platform and it is specialized in currencies, commodities, stocks, digital assets and CFD trading. This brokerage usually provides the entire essential tools as well as functionality, which would guarantee those investors and traders in virtual assets industry and also the worldwide financial markets to enjoy the rewarding trading experience. Aside from bitcoin, the investors and traders can trade in more than hundred crypto projects available in a digital currency industry and also the currencies, commodities, indices as well as stocks.

Languages, licenses and regulations of global CTB

The global CTB is a completely registered company that fulfils with industry standard regulations and rules. Its website is owned and operated by the Amethyst International Limited. Actually, the Global CTB was established in the year of 2016 and has gained reputation; because it provides a chance for the clients to trade in the crypto currency market along with a vast array of other CFDs such as metals, commodities, energies, currencies and indices.

This broker is also complaint with Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policies, which need every trader to provide address, proof of identity and payment method, before they are permitted to utilize the services of a broker. This broker also provides trading services in Dutch, Danish, Swedish, German and English.

What crypto currencies can global CTB offer you to trade with?

There are over 5,000 crypto currencies that you can discover in the market and each of that has some different features. Now, you can invest with the global CTB by using a lot of crypto currency options available that include dash, bitcoin, Monero, NEO, cash and ripple and so on, which all are doing well in the market. This broker also verifies each crypto thoroughly before including it to their index in order to guarantee that it is not a scam.